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Internationalization and Indian market specialists

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Experts in the import-export of Italian products

Partners and expertise in the Indian market

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Everything you need to take your business to India

Internationalize your activities

We specialize in helping foreign companies to enter Indian markets in various sectors.

Since 2018 India has grown to be a preferred destination for many operators from all over the world. The domestic market has a strong interest in high quality international products. Therefore, India represents a great  and attractive potential for many companies.

India is a huge growing market where the demand for Made in Italy products is constantly escalating. To respond to this demand for quality products and services, the initiatives that facilitate collaborations between India and Italy have been quick to flourish.  Today there are numerous instruments that the Indian Government, the Italian-Indian Chamber of Commerce, and local institutions have made available to those who want to bring their business or entrepreneurial project to India.

The experts of the Lattanzio Law Firm and their Institutional and Commercial partners in the Italian and Indian territory are experienced in developing plans for the success of foreign businesses in India, taking advantage of all the benefits currently available to entrepreneurs from both Villages .

Benefits include funds for exportsfacilitated taxation regimes, and easy access to sector organizations.


Export funds for Italian companies

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How to structure exports to India

  1. How to invest in the growth of the Indian market
  2. What are the products that India requires from Italy?
  3. How to open a company in India
  4. How to identify serious and reliable partners among the many available on the market
  5. Can I take advantage of the export support currently available from Italian companies?
  6. How can I comprehend and recognize the potential of the different territories and districts of India?
  7. Who will be in charge of logistics and project management?


These and others are the topics questions entrepreneurs who wish to work with India discuss with us.


With the support of the professionals of the Lattanzio Law Firm and the partners in the designated area, every doubt will be cleared. We carry out highly successful projects, proposing optimal solutions to all the challenges and needs that import-export to India entails.


To find out how we operate and who our interlocutors are, contact us and we will be happy to develop and present you an ad hoc solution.


The summary scheme in the following paragraph summarizes the operations.




Advisory & Consulting Lattanzio Law Firm

Internationalization as a synergistic system of components


The Lattanzio Law Firm

Private & Corporate Lawyers

Based in Rome and Rieti, in business since 1980

The goal of the Firm is to provide qualified and personalized assistance with the utmost availability and professionalism, acquired through years of constant, continuous, and tireless dedication to work, responding quickly to individual needs.

At the heart of our work are the needs of our customers.

The lawyers of the Lattanzio Law Firm are qualified and skillful people who are able to help those who turn to the Law Firm in search of professional legal support.

The team

The lawyers of the Lattanzio Firm

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Alberto Lattanzio 

Cessationist with great experience gained mainly in the Rome forum, specializing in civil and family law, Alberto is a former trustee of the order of pediatricians in Rome.

Giuseppe Lattanzio 

Expert in international commercial immigration law, Giuseppe has provided assistance to a large number of individuals and companies in different countries.

Cristian Massimiani 

A young lawyer of great cultural depth who deals with the legal matter in its entirety


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