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Your business reaches India

A growing market and enormous development potential

We are a group of professionals who can facilitate the presence of foreign companies in India through grants, joint ventures, acquisitions, distribution networks, franchising models, government projects.

To support the Brand Establishment of our customers we work to identify potential distribution partners in India and to facilitate the process of qualification and selection of suitable partners.

If it is your interest to explore new markets, we are an excellent aid for the Indian market, both for products and services to be developed. If you are looking to identify and recruit partners suited to your interests to create market synergies for your projects. If your company intends to follow a systematic approach to identify and select partnerships in India to guarantee them the subject with the most appropriate entities in order to minimize the risks in the project of entry into the Indian market. In these scenarios, we are the right interlocutor.

One of our services is to help customers achieve their presence in India by creating a solid entry strategy and helping the execution of projects, creating customized programs to identify the right partners for the creation of the market system.


Selling, producing and buying in India

The implementation of an expansion project with India begins here


Working with Lattanzio Law Firm, a choice of development

Project objectives

Identification of a distribution network in line with the company's products , based on a preliminary evaluation

· Development of evaluation criteria for choosing a partner considering the product and service portfolio, specific ambitions to be met by the Indian market etc. Detailed evaluation of the selected partners. Recommendations for selecting the right distribution approach and methodology

1.0 Identification of the project objectives.

2.0 Definition of the distribution model.

3.0 Development of evaluation criteria.

4.0 Creation of promotional events for industry leaders to help identify sister companies and then create the conditions for collaborative activities.

5.0 Search partner companies.

1.0 Development of specific project objectives for the Indian market.

Joint assessments to understand aspirations and then realize the best planning for the Indian market.

Evaluation of the product portfolio and its allocation abroad.

2.0 Definition of the distribution structure and development according to the recommendations on the suggested model.

The goal of this step is to comprehend the "must have"s and "good to have"s in distribution management. This distinction lays the foundation for the development of evaluation criteria for partner selection.

Evaluation of the current channel structures for companies entering India.

Definition of the role and the typical scope of Partners and other market intermediaries (if any).

Evaluation of the resellers'  expectations from the distributor's point of view.

Evaluation of partner expectations from product companies, e.g. Margins, management support in terms of sales and marketing, product availability, portfolio alignment, documentation, etc.

Assessment of other key critical conditions such as the role of Clearing & forwarding agent (CFA) and the supply chain for it.

Development of recommendations on the model suggested for the company (regional versus national focus, exclusive or non-exclusive, a super distributor or many distributors, etc.) the above analysis is limited to identifying the traits that an ideal distribution partner should have.

3.0  Based on the above, create a qualification criterion for potential partners. 

The qualification criteria will focus on the following: 

  • The credentials of the partners in terms of the number of years of experience promoting these products.
  • Number of stores and brands they have relationships with.
  • High-level analysis of the Partner's infrastructure and resources.

4.0 Development Options

Preparation of a large list of distributors relevant to the product category in the chosen regions/markets

Evaluation and classification based on the qualification criteria with respect to the initial discussion

Preparation of a short list based on the qualification criteria.

Subsequent more in-depth evaluations to achieve optimal selection criteria.

5.0 Help the business team to qualify and select from the list of potential distribution partners

  • Identification of potential distribution partners interested after qualitative discussions.
  • Involvement of the company team in the second round of discussion with the identified partner.

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Special Economic Zone (SEZ) 

For each NIMZ 

National Investment and Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ)

India grows and offers opportunities to grow

The demand for Made in Italy is growing

Reaching the Indian market through a solid professional network

India, a new frontier of both productive and commercial expansion, provides international investors and companies with highly effective and useful tools for the development and growth of the internal market.


The Lattanzio Law Firm is here to help entrepreneurs to know, understand and exploit these possibilities.

The concessions created for foreign entrepreneurs are numerous and timely.

To obtain precise information about the possibilities for the different industries and the various Regions of India, you can contact the Lattanzio Law Firm.

The experts of the Lattanzio Law Firm will be happy to spend all the time necessary to evaluate the different growth prospects for your business.

The precise knowledge of the regulations and the advantageous conditions created with the government programs to support growth currently active in India, are the tool that international entrepreneurs need to operate exploiting their full potential and safely in this new emerging market.

We are waiting for you to listen to your projects and accompany you towards the realization of your growth in the Indian market.

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