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The Law Firm


Of primary importance at the Lattanzio Law Firm, and often key in resolving disputes is the consultancy activity. It aims at avoiding or limiting the occurrence of future disputes, as well as preventing the costly recourse to the judicial authority.  The latter is, however, where necessary, encountered with the sole objective of obtaining the protection of the rights of the assisted.


Areas of interest

The areas in which the Firm has developed particular skills in recent years and is mainly active today are out-of-court consultancy (with particular reference to the drafting of contracts and evaluation of the violation profiles of the same, the drafting of opinions in all branches of civil law ), and judicial assistance to companies and individuals, both before ordinary courts and arbitration courts.

Choosing Lattanzio Law Firm

Distinctive elements of our work are the particular availability towards the client, including time as a key resource, and constant personalization of the service. For each claim, we always define a single point of contact, even where we work in teams with other colleagues or external consultants, who belong to the proven network of contacts of experienced professionals in other areas of law. We carefully conduct our clients by hand, making them understand in detail the activity that is being carried out in their interest and sharing the reflections on which we base our choices, including those of a technical nature.

Family law and succession

Business law

The Firm assists companies of all sizes in the recovery of credits, and in the drafting of corporate commercial contracts. We also work in disputes of a contractual nature related to relationships of supply, subcontracting, leasing, and buying and selling of properties, insurance, tenders, administration services, transport.

The firm usually deals with the delicate matter of family law with reference to separation and divorce practices.

The Firm has also acquired specific expertise in matters of contractual and extra-contractual liability, real rights and the defense and violation of the same, drafting of contracts, breach of contract, succession and inheritance, leases and evictions, forced execution, foreclosures, etc. .

Professionals and correspondents who collaborate with the firm

The Firm joins forces with professionals and correspondents for the fulfillment of tasks that require the contribution of specific specialists. The firm cooperates with notaries, accountants, engineers, architects, consultants, and experts in various sectors (family, tax, tax, legal, IT, financial, real estate, etc.), in order to offer practical and efficient solutions to its customers, guaranteeing them a relationship of close trust, the immediacy of performance, clarity, and confidentiality. This approach is in line with the style that characterizes the professional activity of the owner of the Firm and his collaborators.  Thanks to the use of the most modern technologies and the continuous and constant participation in sector-specific training occasions are always able to offer complete and up to date assistance services.

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